Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hangeul Day 2011 Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

My friend and 형, Hyunwoo is organizing another activity for Hangeul Day this year ^^  Please participate, share it to others and also fuel the project ^^

Check it out!

Love Hangeul? Learning Korean? Let's do something special this year! 

October 9th is the official Hangeul day (한글날), and 한글날 2011 is coming up soon! If you remember, for the past two years, I've made a video each year to celebrate 한글날 with you all. I thoroughly enjoyed receiving all the pictures from all over the world and putting them together for a video. 
I'd like to do it again this year, for Hangeul Day 2011, but it seems like A LOT MORE people are going to be interested in participating this time. If I receive 100 pictures, that's fine. But when there is more than 200 pictures, it's difficult to put them in one video. 
So here's my suggestion:

Too many participants? Not a problem! Instead of a video, how about an actual EXHIBITION in Seoul, Korea?

Imagine an actual exhibition hall in the center of Seoul, Korea, where YOUR submission, your Hangeul writing or artwork is displayed for visitors to see!!!
This will not only be very memorable for the participants, but also be very inspirational for the viewers of the exhibition. 
I am aiming for a two-day exhibition, and it will involve various types of costs, such as renting and preparing an exhibition place, printing out pictures and getting them ready for display, etc. So help me make the exhibition possible by funding this project! You can fund as little as 2 dollars or as much as 500 dollars. 
My goal for this funding is $3,000 USD and I have 10 days to raise this amount. When I reach or exceed this goal, I can not only make this exhibition happen but also make it extra awesome. 
Even if you are not interested in participating yourself, please support this project so this international Hangeul Day celebration exhibition can happen.
Please share this project with your friends and tell them to participate as well. I'm very excited to see what kind of creative entries will be submitted!

For more about how to participate, please check out my YouTube channel
- Hyunwoo Sun - 

A video of last year's Hangeul Day!

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