Friday, September 9, 2011

Hallyu Dream Concert 2011 Tickets for International Tourists

 This year's Hallyu Dream Concert will be on October 3rd at Gyeongju Citizen Stadium, Gyeongju. This one of the biggest Hallyu concerts inside Korea and this will be my third time to watch it. hahaha.

According to Visit Korea Year Official Facebook Fan page this is how you can get tickets!

1) Facebook Quiz Event: We know the process of ticket distribution worked differently last year.

Thousands of seats are prepared for overseas guests this year, but most of them are chartered for group travelers by overseas travel agencies. After all, the Visit Korea Committee has only got 100 tickets for individual guests and that's apparently too little. If we can get the list of those travel agencies, we will let you know later.

2) GMarket ( does sell tickets but non-residents of Korea can't become members of the site. That's why we didn't mention about it here. If you can read Korean or have any friend in Korea who can help you, you might be able to purchase tickets. There are still some 200 tickets left (as of 1:00PM local time). I suggest you do this if you have friends who are in Korea!
3) Tour package (2 nights & 3 days, departing from Seoul) is now available for English speaking people. Visit the Hallyu Dream Festival official website to see if it’s affordable.

As we found most of our facebook fans/friends are coming independently (not via tour packages), we are unsure which is the best way for you to get the tickets even though there are several options mentioned above.

We are still going to have quiz events for those who are willing to participate.

Visit the fan page

You can also check the official website for other activities. The Hallyu Dream Festival runs from October 1st to 3rd so you can also enjoy other activities aside from the concert.

Pictures taken from Hallyu Dream Festival website


  1. badly want to go... thanks for the info <3

  2. No Problem^^
    Apple: I hope you can watch it too ^^