Saturday, September 17, 2011

Asia Song Festival 2011 (Invitation)

This year's Asia Song Festival is will be held at Daegu Stadium on October 15th (Saturday).

If you happen to be in Korea for the Hallyu Dream Concert on the 3rd of October, you might as well extend your K-Pop "fandoming" until 15th ^^

Performers listed on the website are Super Junior, Girl's Generation (Korea), Perfume, AAA (Japan), Peter Ho (Taiwan), Leo Ku (HK), Bibi Chou (China) and Tata Young (Thailand).

You might wonder how come there are only 8 performers. Based on my experiences, (well it's gonna be my 4th time to watch ASF,always VIP seats ^^), there are many performances at the start of the concert. Usually the rookies or new groups, like the groups that just had their debut. I am hoping it's gonna be the same this year.

It's for FREE! For tickets visit