Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 To welcome 66th National Day 2/9 and 57 years of Liberation of Hanoi Capital City 10/10/1954 – 10/10/2011, Vietnamese Students’ Association in Korea officially announced “THE 7TH VIETNAMESE STUDENTS’ FESTIVAL IN KOREA”. The program is organized by the Embassy of Vietnam in South Korea, Vietnamese Students’ Association in Korea (VSAK) in collaboration with Korean Hanshin Corporation.

1. Purpose:
- This even is good opportunity for all Vietnamese students in Korea to meet, and celebrate our Student’s day.
- To create friendly relationships between Vietnamese Students in Universities in Korea
- To exchange the knowledge, and the achievement of our students in the year.
- For the first time, the program will include Cultural Food Festival, the opportunity for Students studying away from home to enjoy dishes from the home country of Vietnam.
- On this event, a VSAK fund will be released “Lighten up School” to support the students with difficulties.

2. Time: 09:30am-17:00pm, Sunday, 9th Oct 2011

3. Venue: KIST, Hwarangno 14-gil 5, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-791, Korea

4. Program in plan:

4.1. Performance Competition:
- Addition to the annual activities, this year there will be a new point is that the performances will be scored as a competition by the Referee members from Vietnamese Embassy in Korea, the guests of Vietnam or foreign countries are knowledgeable about Vietnam Art.
- There will be many valuable prizes and rewards to the outstanding performer, there will be prizes for first, second, third and encouragement levels.
- For details and registration for this section, please contact Mr.Le Dai Duong, email:
ledaiduong16@gmail.com, phone: 010-2769-1468, or Ms.Pham Thuy Linh, email: vinadoll886@yahoo.com , phone: 010-8250-1308, before September 30, 2011.

4.2. Culture Food Festival:

- Organizer supports every team around 200.000 kwon, teams registered with the organizer for their dishes will be prepared. Each team has to prepare at least 100 rates, maximum prize for each rate is 2000kwon.
- At the festival organizers will sell coupons and control the number of coupons sold from each team to compare and select the best, the second, the third team to be awarded (200.000kwon, 150.000kwon, 100.kwon).
- Organizer will support tent, gas (for mini gas-stove) and disposable plates, bowls and chopsticks for each team.
- The money get back from coupon sale will be transferred to “Lighten up School” fund.
- For further information and registration, please contact Mr. Hoang Anh Le (KIST), email: anhle1977@yahoo.com , phone: 010-5782-2607, or Mr.Nguyen Xuan Huy, email: huynguyen3178@yahoo.com, phone: 010-8753-3979, before 30.09.2011.

4.3. Exhibition about your University:
- You can sign up to introduce yourself, and your university in Korea, the region surrounding landscape, which aims to introduce to other students who interested as well as tourist information.
- And you also can subscribe to introduce and communicate with the audience, or with the professor about yourself, about your university, studying field…
- For further information please contact Mrs.Hoang Ngoc Minh, email: thvn1984@yahoo.com, phone: 010-8471-4578, or Ms.Nguyen Thuy Nga, email: tomato_5989@yahoo.com, phone: 010-8403 -0989, before 30.09.2011.

4.4. “Lighten up School” Fund
- Every year, there are so many young people without access to school or very difficult to continue to school due to difficult family circumstances.
- Although there are many difficulties, but overseas students in Korea have more or less their own terms or to create their own conditions in order to lighten up their dreams.
- Since this event, Vietnam Students’ Association in Korea will launch “Lighten up School” Fund; you can donate directly by sending cash or in kind contributions, we will receive, organize trade or resell the items, that amount will be deposited into the Fund and all will be transferred to Vietnamese students in disadvantaged areas in Vietnam or Korea.

- For further information and registration please contact: Mr.Le Minh Thong, email: thongbiotech@yahoo.com.vn, phone: 010-2698-6786, or Mrs.Doan Ngoc Thanh, email: gatre10thanh@yahoo.com , Phone: 010-7457-5589; or Mr.Vo Thanh Son, email: thanhson83ht@yahoo.com, phone: 010-5502-2402; and Mr. Trinh Dac Hoanh, email: trinhdachoanh@yahoo.com

Vietnam Students’ Association in Korea, Organizer of “THE 7TH VIETNAMESE STUDENTS’ FESTIVAL IN KOREA” would like to invite all students, alumni students who are studying or working in Korea as enthusiastic participation .

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