Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wonder Girls Cover B.o.B / Bruno Mars Poll Winner for Mashup Mondays on has this series called Mashup Mondays in which artists cover songs from another artists. Some artists would perform songs extremely different from the genres they usually sing. Sometimes they make it more creative or totally different or should I say lousier than the original, of course it depends on how you see it.
And the good thing of this series is that you could play your part by voting for your favorite artists and what song they should cover. 

And... drum roll... the current poll winner is Korea's very own Wonder Girls.! They covered B.o.B and Bruno Mars' hip-hop/R&B-tinged "Nothin' On You." According to the website, it was close but still Wonder Girls' cover won with 47% of the vote, narrowly beating out poppy Miley Cyrus' "Party In The
U.S.A." which got 43%.
To be honest, at first I was very curious and a bit doubtful. Not to mention that Bruno Mars is one of my favorite singers, Wonder Girls' songs have a different genre from his songs. But, when I saw Wonder Girls' performance I was really surprised! It's very good, I think they look so cool and I'm so proud of them!!!  hehe. Anyway here's the video! Enjoy!   

*For those who don't know, Wonder Girls is a South Korean girl group under the management of JYP Entertainment . After making waves in Korea and Asia they started to enter the American market in 2009, with the English version of their hit single "Nobody".


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