Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seoul Delights: Han River

  Who says only Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Young (City Hunter)*can play blissfully in a water fountain? Or who says you have to be Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye (Lie to Me)* to be able to ride duck boats? You can also make your own romantic moments if you visit Han River!

Han River is one of the must visit places in Seoul as it offers a variety of fun and excitement to both local and foreign visitors.

A Symbol of a Vibrant Seoul 

Han River exudes a very unique sensation to the city. The blend of tall skyscrapers and nature epitomized by the river itself is a true manifestation of how these two poles apart elements could co-exist harmoniously. It is said that a total of 27 bridges cross the Han River connecting northern and southern Seoul. I remember the first time I visited Han River, my friend and I rented a bicycle to explore the area. There’s a bicycle path along the bank so it’s very convenient and relaxing. 514 km may be relatively short for a river but it was long enough to enjoy what Seoul City can offer. 
One interesting trivia about Han River is that it’s a favorite location for dramas and films. Probably you are familiar with the movies The Host and the Castaway on the Moon. Aside from the two dramas I mentioned above, most Korean big dramas also have scenes filmed in Han River like Iris and Athena. 

Han River also houses Korea’s most unique and jaw-dropping architecture. Jabeolle or J-Bug in Ttukseom Hangang Park, Seoul Color Park, Café Rainbow and of course the world’s largest Floating Island. I've seen these structures many times and it never fails me to amaze me. Banpo Bridge on the other hand also set a world record as the world's longest bridge fountain. The fountain is remarkable I would say. When my friends visited me in Seoul I took them to Banpo Bridge without letting them know what to see in the area to avoid any high expectations and for the element of surprise hehehe. So when the fountain show started they were very surprised and really amazed. They couldn't stp taking pictures and videos and kept on shouting daebak** (a Korean expression I just taught to them). 

Hotspot for Fun

Possibility of seeing Korean stars in person, enjoying water fountain, riding duck boats or cycling sports are just some of the common things you can enjoy in Han River. 

The place is also a very famous spot of couples dating, family gathering or even among friends. 

There are also numerous water sports available like wind surfing, dinghy yachting, rafting, and kayaking as well as ride motor boats and banana boats.And if you only wanna swim in a pool, there are also swimming pools open every summer. So where else can you enjoy all of these? If you’re into festivals and concerts Han River is definitely a place to visit! Every year, it's the host of numerous festivals like Hi Seoul Festival and many concerts by your favorite stars, local and abroad. Han River also changes every season offering a different feeling and amusement to visitors. I especially like Han River’s spring version. You should also feel and see it for yourself.
   If you just wanna relax, experience peace of mind and escape from your hectic life, Han River is a perfect place to go. The main reason why I love Han River is you can find tranquility even if you are in middle of busy and fast paced Seoul.
*City Hunter and Lie to Me are famous Korean Dramas. For more information visit the dramas’ wiki pages and
**Daebak could mean a lot but in this context it could mean awesome

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