Saturday, August 27, 2011

2NE1tv 2nd Event - "Make your 2NE1tv"

Do you like Mnet’s 2NE1tv? Join 2NE1tv’s global event vol. 2!
Pick your favorite 2NE1 member and identity yourself by mimicking them! 

You can choose one from the pictures! The best 21 pictures can win the original 2NE1tv Beats by Dr. Dre Headphone and will be awarded
2NE1tv Beats Headphone"

How to Participate?

Step 1

Write <2NE1tv> on a paper in your own native language.
- If you’re from the Philippines, you can write “benteunoTV" or "dalawamputisangTV"

- If you’re from Korea, write it like this “투애니원티비"  

Step 2 
Choose one favorite member and imitate her pose as shown in the picture, in front of the paper and take a picture of yourself.

Step 4 
Post your picture and a short self-introduction on Mnet’s Facebook wall (

22nd August ~ 4th September

Announcement of Winners
13th September on Mnet Facebook (
2NE1tv Beats Headphone is sponsored by Beats by Dr.Dre ( 

On Air : Every Tue 6pm(KST)

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