Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travel Korea: Nakcheon ri, Jeju

Probably one of the most interesting and impressive places I've visited in Korea, Nakcheon ri. Maybe, most foreigners and even Koreans haven't heard of this place.So let me have this chance to tell a story about this artistic small village in Jeju called Nakcheon ri.

Humble Origin

According to the source I've read, more than 200 years ago, the land was named “Nakcheon,” literally meaning “happiness,” because it offered its villagers a life of Arcadian features: fertile soil, fresh water and ample space to raise a family. Now Nakcheon-ri is also known as the “Village of Nine Good Things.” Sadly, I am not sure what are these nine good things are but maybe it could be your chance to ask when you go there and don't forget to tell me what it is hahaha

Artistic Village
Nakcheon’s artistic director, Yang Gi Hoon has been promoting Nakcheon ri as a place to visit for a different cultural experience. The moment we got off the bus, the painted walls attracted my attention. It was, after all a bit different  from the other villages in Jeju. And what's more surprising were the chairs all over the area. I heard there are 1,000 chairs of various styles, shapes and sizes and chairs have a carving of a different phrase. The phrases were really funny, well, at least for Koreans and those who know Korean. haha. 

How to Get There
I don't really know since I  went there for a conference, it was a free tour for us. haha. Anyway, the information I found says like this:
 If coming from Jeju City, take the 95 toward Ishidol and pass the Spiritual Garden. Nakcheon is along the way and it should take you about 40 minutes. You can also take the 12 towards Aewol, which will take 50 minutes.

If you are coming from Seogwipo, go towards Jungmun and pass Cheong Su. Nakcheon is along the way and it should take about 40 minutes.
If you are traveling to Nakcheon by bus, take any bus to Shinchang, and transfer to a neighborhood bus to Nakcheon-ri. There are direct buses from the bus terminal in Jeju City but only three times a day.

Village of humble roots by Melissa Trias


  1. It all after all slightly different from the other villages in Jeju. What was most surprising was the chairs all over the region. I heard that there are of the various styles and shapes and sizes and chairs.

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