Saturday, June 18, 2011

North Korea's 'beauty corps' revealed

North Korea (NK)really knows how to get public attention. Indeed this is a very good strategy. I remember when I joined a program organized by DMZ Docs, a five-day camp traveling the DMZ area from Gangwon to Gyeonggi provinces, during the tour our guide mentioned something very interesting. There is an area called "Fairy Falls" if I could remember the name right, on the NK side because sometimes NK girls take a bath in the said waterfalls just like fairies in the forest. You're getting the idea right? haha. Anyway,  you can see it through telescopes from the South Korean (SK) side. The purpose was to tell SK that NK's got beautiful girls. So, as a sort of answer from the SK side, they built a swimming pool and held Ms.Korea pageant, I couldn't remember which year, anyway, and I guess it was for swimsuit competition. Interesting isn't it? haha

Anyway here's the article
North Korea’s “beauty corps,” featured in a video clip on a Chinese website, is causing a stir.
Around 753,000 Chinese web surfers have clicked a video clip named “Joseon military review,” recently uploaded on the Chinese version of Youtube,, to see a group of “beautiful” North Korean female soldiers.
The two-minute and 49-second-long video shows Kim Jong-il reviewing the corps. Considering that it also shows foreign press covering the event, people guess it to be a recording of the ceremony held on the 65th anniversary of North Korea’s Workers Party.
The event had attracted attention for its unusual openness. The North Korean regime had invited foreign journalists, even allowing them to relay stories live. Around 80 foreign press members visited Pyongyang to cover the occasion and the North even provided a press center.
Among the scenes of North Korean soldiers marching rigidly, a group of North Korean women smiling and posing for the camera around a flowerbed caught peoples’ eyes.
“I’m surprised that there still is a country that holds military reviews like that. The soldiers are ship-shaped,” one Chinese commented on the video. Other viewers expressed interest in the female soldiers, saying things like, “I’m in love with the lovely women soldiers,” or “The women are really pretty.”

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