Saturday, June 11, 2011

Filipina friend in Arirang Fantasy

         Just read a blog entry written by Kring Elenzano ( her friend Cherish Maningat-Bae who happens to be also my friend. Cherish plays a lead role in Arirang Fantasy, a Korean musical
           "a heart-warming musical that is currently showing in different cities in Korea. It tells the story of a Filipina woman, who fell in love with a Korean man. However, her story did not turn out to be like those Tagalized Koreanovelas that she used to watch on TV. Her husband died early and she ended up taking care of their farm, her daughter and even the mother-in-law" (
            I've always been proud of Cherish. Her jolly, charming and humble personality makes everyone comfortable. She may be making waves right now through this musical but she's not only an actress. She's also a play director. I've seen two of her plays when she was still taking her graduate studies here in Korea. The plays she directed also received good responses from the audience, a proof of her talent not just in acting but also directing.
           Anyway, I'm definitely gonna watch this musical ^^  The musical will be until August this year.

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  1. how i wish pde din ako manood... miss ko na kayo..
    - CJ

  2. Just come back here. or hopefully this musical would be shown abroad too.