Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Girlfriends: Kim Tae Hee and Jiyeon

"My Girlfriends" entries will feature stories of my girlfriends in Korea. hahahahaha. Kidding aside, I will try to introduce Korea's beautiful actresses, singers and girl groups from my point of view and if you agree with me leave some comments hehe.
 Kim Tae Hee 

Kim Tae Hee is personally close to my heart, I mean she graduated from the same university where I also study, Seoul National University, so she's officially my 선배 (sumbae) and also my 누나 (nuna)* hahaha. She took her undergraduate at the Dept. of Clothing and Textiles of College of Human Ecology. Tae Hee누나  is well known for her natural beauty and has been dubbed "Korea's Most Beautiful Woman."[citation] As we know, plastic surgery in Korea is very common among people working in the entertainment industry.  I think the reasons why she's very popular are the 2 things I've mentioned above, her natural beauty and the fact that she graduated from Korea's most prestigious university.  They said these 2 things are rare in the industry.


Park Jiyeon is one of my personal favorites. I guess I'll be called a samchon (uncle) fan since she's very young, she's 18 years old (June 7, 1993) hehehe. the reason why I put her beside Tae Hee누나 is because of their resemblance to her. Actually, the Korean media dubbed Ji-yeon "Little Kim Tae Hee" due to her close resemblance to Tae Hee 누나[citation] The first time I saw her at COEX,** I was really starstrucked. She's very beautiful especially when she smiles. hahaha. Anyway, for those who don't know, Jiyeon is a member of a girl group called T-Ara. She's probably one of the members who get a lot of projects like tv dramas, films, commercials and modeling.  

For more information just visit their wiki pages

sunbae(선배)-  a term of respect used to seniors usually at school or work.
nuna (누니)- older sister but only men can use it.
COEX- is known as Asia's largest underground shopping mall. Located in Samseong Station, Gangnam gu, Seoul.


  1. wow........first time i saw jiyeon i thought she is the sister of tae hee