Monday, February 14, 2011

Power Korean: Rookies!

Early morning, I found myself walking around the Gwanghwamun area with the kimbap I grabbed at the store near the subway, looking for the bus that would take me and some foreign students to probably Korea and Japan's most controversial island/s, Dokdo (Takeshima in Japanese). But this is not what I'm gonna talk about in this entry. Actually not related at all... only that I met one of them during the program.I will be introducing 3 of my friends who are in a band. 

Bits About the Members
Lee Bokkil, 26, the main vocal, was our tour guide/ interpreter/ co-tourist/ beer buddy/ rock concert buddy etc. during our Dokdo trip. Interpreter, meaning he's fluent in English and of course Korean. He worked in Canada for a year after his military service. I don't know how he studied English but he really surprised me a lot. Anyway, he was literally my best buddy during that trip. We talked a lot about life and what's in it hahaha. Then he told me about his band and how music rocks his life. hehe. He told me that his journey to Canada made him realize many things like his dreams and his thing for music. He's the main vocal of the group.

Yoo Minsae,26, is Bokkil's childhood friend. They grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same high- school. Music seems to be genetic in his family. He has a brother who's also into music and who continuously supports him with his quest for a career in the music industry. Minsae has been playing base since middle school until now. I heard he's very popular with girls. I first saw him in one of the band's performances and girls were screaming when he was introduced. Well, go judge it by yourself. 

Jo Gyohyoung, 21, is obviously the youngest in the group. He got interested in music through his father. His mom was initially against the idea of him into music but knowing his passion, he got the support of both parents. He started to learn guitar when he was a middle school student and decided to pursue a career in the music industry after high school.  He is also very popular with girls.

Rookie Story!

As we know Bokkil and Minsae were already friends. The three of them met in a music school called Powerhouse somewhere in Sinsa. I heard many popular Korean singers and singer wannabes trained here too. They studied guitar and decided to form a band. The school has a music festival, probably sort of practical exam for the students. That was the time when Bokkil and Minsae discovered Gyohyoung's impressive guitar skills. They formed the band in May 2010 and started to practice on a regular basis. They are also making their own songs, something that would create a signature for the group. I hope to see them on the big stage soon. Please support them

 Just a brief background about the “Power Korean” entries. I try to feature my Korean friends’ here which I think worth sharing to the public. I believe this will give everyone a glimpse of normal Korean people’s lives as they dream and take challenges on the path they’ve chosen. Since power Korean is synonymous to potential Koreans, most friends featured here are aspiring artists.


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