Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coreal Nights: Hwarang Musical

Since I promised my Hwarang friend I will let more people watch his show, I invited some of my friends to go and watch it. Convincing them was a bit challenging because of the language, Korean. But I guess the language did not hinder the fun and excitement they felt when they watched it. My group Coreal (Jehee, Ben and Annie plus guest Jennifer, Ben's girlfriend kkk) and my other friends Shaki, Hongvan, Windu and Carlos were the first people I invited to watch.

Everyone told me it was great and that they loved it. They even said that the musical has to be in a bigger theater so that it could accommodate more and more audiences. One of my friends said that the ticket was very cheap for the show. It should be more expensive because the quality of the show is really good. We had a discount for the ticket since one of the actors is my friend but still, I guess the original price 30,000 won is not expensive at all.

One of my friends said that she also had so much fun during the autograph signing session with casts. lol. Every after the show, the audience could get signs from the actors. I just find it a bit funny since they get sign from my friend. I'm just not used to it. lol.

Before going, I did not tell them who my friend was so that they would give me fair evaluation after the show. lol. They said all actors' voices were really good. If they were to pick one it would be hard. But most of them said my Hwarang friend is their favorite which made my friend very happy after I told him.


  1. I want to watch this! I wish I'm still in Korea

  2. You should come and watch it! It's worth it.

  3. This musical is very recommendable even if you don't understand korean... Actors are talented and handsome