Monday, November 15, 2010

Seoul Lantern Festival 2010

It was my second time to witness Seoul Lantern Parade after its first run last year, I believe. To be honest, last year's was more creative, fresh and I guess more organized based on concepts. This year's festival invited so many visitors making the Cheongyecheon area probably the busiest from Nov. 5th to 14th. I never imagined the area to be very crowded as like going to a concert. People had to form a really really long line just to get in the vicinity. Me and my friend just decided to take pictures from above. I guess it was a very good decision since we didn't have to stand on the line and wait for a long time.
Seoul will probably hold this event every year every around November. It occupies the 1km stretch area from the Cheonggye Plaza to the Samilgyo Bridge. This year's theme was ‘Seoul, a source of beaming hope.' It is said that it featured 15,000 lanterns of 213 variations and from 25 countries. Unique pieces of work from ‘Sibaraku Nebuta’ of Aomori, Japan; and ‘Iryongsangtu’ and ‘Byeongeomgamyeon’ of China will be invited for the exhibition and a range of other creative local works such as ‘Door of Hope’, ‘G20 Lantern’, and ‘Lantern of Global Harmony’ will be on display. As you know the event coincided with the epic G20. haha

I hope next years lantern festival will be something different from this year's. Still this is something that everyone should expect if they visit Korea around November.

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