Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Hwarang Friend!

My Korean friend invited me to watch his play in Daehangno today. Since I haven’t seen him for a long time, why not go and probably have a sort of long time no see chitchat. It was a bit hard to locate the theater since it was my first time to watch a show in the area. I just relied on my friend’s instruction but with the help of iPhone’s navigation application I was able to find it. Enough with the plugging let’s proceed to the musical!

Bits about the Musical

The musical is called Hwarang. Hwarang were elite/ aristocratic group of men during the Silla Kingdom who were gathered to study, play and learn the arts of war. (To learn more about Hwarang please click

This all-male cast musical has definitely a lot of things to offer to its audience. The song selections were really good. Maybe someone would think that the songs would be a bit “boring” or draggy since the time setting would be ancient Korea…definitely not in this musical. The songs made the musical lively and fun to watch. The voices of the actors were also amazing. Even people who do not understand Korean language would enjoy because they can just simply go with the beat. The musical has different scenes portraying friendships, adventures, challenges before becoming a Hwarang. It’s so hard to explain everything in a blog. You must go and watch it yourself!

After the show, my friend called me to wait and have a cup of coffee somewhere. Daehangno area was still very alive. I never expected that my friend is very "professional" in theater. lol. He even had many fans waiting for him outside the theater. I told him that I would definitely invite my friends to watch it. 
You should watch too!
Exit 4 of Hyehwa Station (look for the nearest Paris Baguette from the exit. Then take the small road beside it which will lead you to the theater 열린극장.

Schedule: Weekdays except Mondays: 8pm
                Weekends: 3pm and 7pm
               *no plays on Mondays

Ticket is only for 30,000 won. Ticket booth usually opens 40 minutes before the show starts. If you contact me I might ask my friend to give you a discount. lol


  1. Is the guy in the first picture your friend? He looks so hot!

  2. haha yep he's my friend. I will tell him what you said.

  3. Please feature all of them in your power korean write-ups! please please please!

  4. What's the name of your friend?

  5. His name is Lee Chan Hoo. Thanks for reading.