Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Garosugil 가로수길

Garosugil street (the tree-lined street) in Sinsa-dong
I've always heard of Garosugil from my friends. They said if you wanna see beautiful and fashionable girls, Garosugil is a hotspot. Also, there are many couples and expensive coffee shops in the area.

My friend who used to worked as a barista in one of the stores in the area, introduced Garosugil and even served as the model for my pictures. lol
From an article of Visit Korea website, Garosugil means “tree-lined street", a street famous for the trees, which line both sides of the 700m-long promenade. In summer, the trees’ luscious green leaves provide welcome shade for shoppers, and in autumn these ginkgo trees turn golden. This sophisticated, up-and-coming street is flanked with all sorts of trendy shops and European-style cafes. You can stroll along shopping at your own leisurely pace and then relax on café terraces with coffee and a tasty desert.
Garosugil is indeed a bit different from the mainstream Korean shopping area, hangout destination or so. I don't know but for me the area had a relaxing atmoshpere for people to stop, look and appreciate the things they see. Whether its the architecture of the building, the shop displays or people passing by. Especially you
I took a lot of pictures of the place. High-end fashion boutiques, expensive coffee shops, "Italian" restaurants, "French" bakeshops are just some of the common stores you could find in the area.So if your purchasing power is good then this is the place for you. But if you're not, maybe it would be a good idea not to take your girlfriend here. lol. Or else you gonna end up They said you can also find celebrities here especially in the evening.


  1. can we also see guys like your friend in garusugil? hahahahaha i guess i wont go there is i will only see girls hahaha

  2. Nice question. I guess. That's why many girls go there. hahaha

  3. Oh my god! Your friend looks like an actor! I wanna go to Korea!!!!!!