Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coreal Nights: Omoni Saengson (어머니 생선)

 Aside from samgyeopsal, kalbi and all kinds meat Korean dishes, Korean cusine has its own version of fish dishes. I've been craving for fish dishes since I've been eating meat everytime I go out with friends here in Korea.  So to be different  we went to this restaurant called Omoni Saengson (어머니 생선) in Sinchon. I met my friends in front of their school, Ewha. Then we attacked the restaurant!

To be honest I didn't know what we ordered but  just pointed at the pictures. Probably I'll get used to the names if I eat fish many Maybe you can just read the menu. My expertise is on meat dishes. lol. It was really good and the prices were reasonable. Comparable to any "normal" Korean restaurant. The place was very clean which gives pleasure because the ambiance was good.

Sinchon Station: probably 10 minute walk from Exit 3. Walk straight and turn right of you see Nature Republic. 

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