Monday, October 25, 2010

Ganghwa Special: Dolmen Sites (Goindol)

Dolmens (Goindol), prehistoric rock tombs built by Megalithic cultures in the 1st millennium B.C. can be found all over the world but around 30,000 of it are in North and South Korea. In South Korea, Ganghwa Island houses the biggest of its kind (others can be found in Gochang and Hwasun) and probably the most number. There are 80 dolmens in the island itself. The purpose of these dolmen are said to be a mystery same with other dolmen sites in the world.
Our first stop was Dolmen Site (Goindol) not just because it’s the most famous spot in island but it’s not that far from the bus station. The area was huge and really clean. We went there with a perfect autumn weather…also a perfect timing for taking pictures. Interesting enough, the background songs played were all K-pop music so it was like enjoying prehistoric Korea with a mix of modern Korean pop music. When we went there, a museum was being built for the purpose of informing the public more about dolmen and prehistoric Korea.

FYI: Appointed as Historical Site number 137 and dates back to the Bronze Age. It used vast stone measuring 710cm in lenght, 260cm in height, and 550cm in width. Its formation is representative of the northern Dolmen and is used for detailed research on ancient history.  At the Australia Keynes 24th UNESCO World Heritage, Ganghwa dolmen was appointed as world heritage together with the Gochang and Hwasun dolmens in November 29th, 2000.

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