Wednesday, October 20, 2010

800 (or more) Korean men want to date Paraguayan soccer diva

Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme, who achieved fame as a soccer fan during the 2010 World Cup, has been “proposed to by 1,000 men around the world,” the marriage consulting firm Sunoo in Korea said Tuesday.
Riquelme signed up for, run by Sunoo, in the hope of finding herself a man that fits her criteria. Men can apply for a date with her during October. So far, about 1,000 men have asked for a date with her.

Among the applicants, 80 percent are Koreans and 20 percent are foreigners.

“What’s surprising is that the majority of Korean applicants are those working in conservative areas such as in government agencies, police, military, etc.,” said a manager of Sunoo in charge of public relations overseas. Foreign applicants vary by nationalities and occupations: there are doctors, post-graduate students, fitness trainers and those in the entertainment business from Paraguay, Brazil, Singapore, the U.S., etc.
When the application date has passed at the end of October, managers at Sunoo will select about 100 suitable candidates for Riquelme, and then Riquelme will pick a couple of men she wants to date. She is expected to meet them in mid November.
When asked what qualifications her date requires, she said: “It is the language, especially an ability to communicate in English,” said the manager.
Riquelme has continued to receive media attention worldwide since a photo of her cheering the Paraguayan soccer team in a low-cut top was exposed. According to Sunoo, Riquelme is an elite woman who graduated from law school in Paraguay, but who now focuses on modeling. After the World Cup, she took an acting role in a Mexican drama. Now she hopes to make it in Asia too.

By Lee Woo-young
Edited by Hannah Stuart Leach

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