Friday, September 3, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu in Korea

Just when I thought that the typhoon that happened yesterday in Korea wasn't so strong, news from TV, broadsheets, internet say that the damages were quite big. This tree in the picture is right in front of my dorm. Some smaller trees were also uprooted. I never knew that it was that strong. I slept really well. I guess I've experience the strongest typhoons in the world knowing that the Philippines is in the typhoon belt. However, I guess Seoul had more damages interms of money since many business transactions were cancelled like flights, ships and more.

In article from Korea Times, Thursday morning, the typhoon disrupted Seoul metro operations, causing massive power outages and grounding domestic and international flights. The seventh typhoon of the year pounded the western coast and central parts of the country earlier than forecast by the weather agency, shattering signboards and uprooting trees. It was the strongest tropical storm to hit Seoul in a decade, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).  Kompasu, which means “compass” in Japanese, forced commuters to suffer the worst transportation chaos in years. The maximum wind speed reached nearly 30 meters per second in the capital.

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