Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ulleungdo Special: Nature Trek Part 1

If you are gonna visit Ulleungdo, you may have to walk a lot during the trip. Believe me, it may require some effort to reach beautiful spots, but it's all worth it ^^  After all, why travel if you're not even gonna walk. kk Let me walk you through to itinerary that we had. It is recommended that you start touring the east coast of the island once you get there
Bongrae Waterfall (봉래폭포지구) was our first stop after eating lunch right after our arrival. This may require 40-50 minutes for climbing up and going down the mountain. When you reach the falls the only activity is to take pictures, feel nature and say "hi" to ajummas who were surprisingly many, as tourists.

Next stop was Ulleung Forest Road (울룽숲길). This is another mountain trek but relatively easier than the first one. I personally like this spot because when we went there it was very foggy and windy. Even if it is summer, it was very cool. Foggy because it was like at the top of the mountain. It was like touching or to be on the clouds. Literally it was like heaven ^^ and I was one of the angels haha

Then we went to the only beach area of the island. It was rocky and you could not find any trace of sand. We went there to catch some loaches but since it was a bit risky because of the waves plus I didn’t really wanna do it ^^; So we just took pictures of birds, islands, waves and people. Haha

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