Monday, May 17, 2010

South Korea beats Ecuador 2-0

As expected, this story is today's headline of Korea Times. My friend told me about the game last night when we went to noraebang. After singing, we watched the game at the noraebang's lobby.  My friend and some of the people who were watching screamed so loud when Korea earned 2 points during the game.

Lee Seung-yeoul and Lee Chung-yong exploited their presence on the pitch by scoring the goals that lifted South Korea to a 2-0 victory over Ecuador in a friendly at Seoul's Sangam Stadium.

Lee, one of the youngest members of the squad, unleashed a left-footer outside the box to give Korea the lead in the 73rd minute, followed by Lee's brilliant drive six minutes before time.

With the win, South Korea made it even with the Latin Americans, gaining revenge for a 2-1 loss in their first meeting in Houston, the United States, in June 1995.

Under Huh Jung-moo's leadership, South Korea has recorded 20-4-13 since December 2007. Before heading off to Japan on Saturday for a friendly with the Japanese team, he will shortlist the current 30-man squad to 26 members ― three sidelined as contingency additions.

The national team will them have two more tests against Belarus and Spain, before arriving in South Africa on June 5.

With the victory, I could just imagine how Korea is preparing for the World Cup this year! I'm so excited to take part of the crowd next month ^^

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  1. I saw on Research Panel Asia that 80% of the people in S. Korea are interested in the world cup while its only 40% for the Japanese population. I just found it intriguing considering that both countries hosted the said sporting event^^ -tiny