Saturday, May 1, 2010

S. Korean facelift popularity in China proves fatal

A Chinese woman died after a failed facelift at a beauty parlor in China, which earned her trust by falsely telling her that a South Korean doctor would operate her, Chinese media outlets said.
Chen Li, a 38-year-old woman from Hunan province last month, saw an advertisement from a beauty parlor that said a South Korean medical doctor would visit Changsha, the provincial capital.
Chen, who had been considering a plastic surgery, saw it as a "rare" opportunity to get a surgery directly from a South Korean doctor. South Korea is now perceived as the "Mecca" for plastic surgery throughout Asia, including China.
She paid 270,000 yuan ($39,600) and agreed to a surgery that would rearrange her teeth and remove scars, said Chinese news sites, citing Singaporean newspaper, Lianhezaobao.
Unlike what was initially advertised, there was no South Korean doctor visiting the city.
The surgery was performed on the morning of April 19.
Until 4 p.m., there was no news coming out from the surgery room. Chen's mother asked about it.
The beauty parlor's chief told her: "Something unexpected happened. She was already transformed to a hospital," the report said.
Her family members immediately rushed to the hospital where Chen was supposed to be. But they only found her in the cadaver room, already frozen, the reports said.
The details regarding the exact cause of her death was unknown. But the case was resolved, the report said, after the beauty parlor paid Chen's family 560,000 yuan (US$82,000), it said.
With the popularity of South Korean plastic surgery, some Chinese hospitals advertise they have "connections" with South Korean hospitals. Some beauty parlors in local provinces also have jumped the wagon by illegally performing plastic surgery.

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