Saturday, May 22, 2010

Issue 101: Rude Girl 경희대 패륜녀

Another issue in Korea attracted the attention of the public, online, after a female Kyung Hee University student swore at an elderly cleaning lady. Just like the other sensations ahead of her she was given a title "경희대 패륜녀"or "Kyung Hee University Rude Girl." By other sensations I mean Loser Girl, Red Bean Paste Girl and the likes...

A posting by the cleaner’s daughter, describing how her mother was humiliated, and an audio file, made by an unknown person, publicized the argument between the two and rapidly spread over the Internet angering numerous people. (Please click attached link for the file)

The student already apologized after paying a visit to the cleaning lady. As expected the student does not want to go to school because she is afraid and upset. The student’s mother also apologized to the cleaner separately, the council confirmed. The cleaning lady’s daughter also posted a writing calling for Internet users to stop paying attention to the incident.

this is the link of the recorded conversation
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