Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Parent's Day

엄마 아빠 키워주셔서 감사합니다! Happy Parent's Day! 
May is the sort of Family Month in Korea. This month celebrates most of the famliy-related holidays. May 5th is Children's Day which is an official holiday.  Today is Parent's Day although it's not an official holiday. There is no Mother or Father's day in Korea so I guess this day replaces those two days.  Another holiday is the Teacher's Day, which I believe related to family ^^

An article written by Kang Shin-who today is the headline news of Korea Times. It says "Cash tops gift list for Parents’ Day" which could probably give us the idea of  Korea's 빨이빨이 culture. 

What Lee Hee-ja, 72, would really like to receive most as a gift on Parents' Day is a white envelope of cash handed to her by her son.
"I know my children are all busy, so only a small amount would really be more than enough," she said.

According to a survey by Asan Medical Center in Seoul ahead of Parents' Day that falls on Saturday.
The hospital surveyed 220 adults for two weeks from April 12. The result showed 30 percent of the respondents picked cash as the gift they want to receive the most on the special day.
For Lee Yoon-jung, 30, a pediatrician intern at a general hospital in Seoul, it's simply impossible to visit her parents. She will not be able to put carnations on her parents' lapels ― all she is able to do is make a phone call and wire some spending money.

But the gift children selected that they want to give most to their parents was comprehensive medical check-ups. When asked what they actually want to give to their parents, 36 percent of them chose medical check-ups, while 27 percent cited cash and another 25 percent opted for package tours.

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