Friday, May 7, 2010

Celebrities campaign to upgrade Korea’s image

A recent campaign, dubbed as ``Creating a High-class Country With 28 Stars,'' was launched yesterday and has invited 28 popular figures to share their experience as honorary ambassadors for various government bodies and projects. The 28 participating stars will post their thoughts and feelings on Web sites such as Korea's government policy portal and Nate's and

I think this is a sort of unique campaign since the target is the local Korean community. Instead of upgrading the Korean image for the international community, the said program seems to aim the same goal as any other governmental efforts to upgrade Korea's image but the method is a bit different. The selected stars will sort of campaign to the Koreans, "proper" behaviors or should the do's and don'ts in different situations. Through this it could probably lead to a positive image.

Baseball pitching coach Sun Dong-yeol, broadcaster Kim Sung-hwan, actor singer Rain, Ji Jin-hee, comedian Nam Hee-seok, and actors Zo In-sung and  Jung Jun-ho are some of the 28 figures.

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