Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Junior Campaigns Against Human Trafficking

I guess this is another way to untilize the popualrity of Korean stars. This is actually a question in one of the papers in the grdauate course I took last semester. How will the government be able to utilize the popularity of K-pop stars. With tourism as the main thing in my mind I've never seen such events would also be possible for the government to take advantage of.
K-pop group Super Junior took part in a campaign against human trafficking last month in Vietnam, and coverage of their work there will air Saturday night on MTV.
The 13-member boy band participated in the music channel’s awareness raising project EXIT: End Exploitation and Trafficking. They performed in a concert held in late March and visited a women’s care center.
Some 4,500 people gathered to see the singers perform their popular numbers. Two members of the group, Lee Teuk and Dong-hae, visited Peace House, a care shelter for abused women, and delivered messages of hope.
In 2007, singer-actor Rain worked with EXIT to narrate a documentary about human trafficking. After drugs, it is the second-largest illegal trade market in the world.
The program will air at 10 p.m. on Saturday night.
Visit for more information about the campaign.
Just like in any other campaign, I hope this will not just end as a campaign.


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