Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Koreans are uninspired in the office

If you are frequently looking at the office clock and praying its hands would move more quickly, it probably means you are unengaged and unsatisfied with your job.

According to a new study, only a handful of Korean employees are aggressively engaged in their work, while more than half go to work unwillingly because of an absence of workplace leadership.

In the study by Towers Watson, only 6 percent of 1,000 Korean employees polled were fully engaged in their work. This is a drop from 8 percent in 2007 and far below the global average of 21 percent.

On the contrary, 48 percent of workers had low enthusiasm or were completely unsatisfied, higher than the world average of 38 percent.

The study said that Korean employees were “particularly pessimistic” about the job market, with only 16 percent believing there will be more jobs in the next 12 months. Globally, 21 percent think the job market will improve.

Twenty-one percent of Koreans believe they’ll retire before the age of 50, which is higher than the world’s average of 4 percent.

The study said the reasons behind a lack of engagement by employees are an absence of strong leadership and disappointing career development, pay and rewards.

Only 37 percent of Koreans were satisfied with leadership in their workplace. The global average was 50 percent, and China and India’s satisfaction were 66 percent and 77 percent respectively.

“The employees’ engagement has a huge influence on a company’s performance,” said Ryan Park, managing director of Towers Watson Korea. “A company’s leaders need to improve communication, transparency and innovation to create closer ties with employees and also inspire.”
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Koreans are uninspired in the office
by Lee Ho-jeong [ojlee82@joongang.co.kr]

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