Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VIXX on After School Club

Finally I find time to make an entry about VIXX on After School Club. As many of you know, VIXX members were special guests on the show last June 5th, yep 2013, so last year... (Check HERE for the video)... This was their first time to guest on the show and as you can see in their costumes, they were promoting Hyde at that time (correct me if I'm wrong though).
VIXX is probably one of the most popular K-Pop groups these days. Literally, the group is already part of the "elite circle." By elite circle I mean, K-Pop groups that make all the news, groups you always see on TV etc. I am really proud of what they've achieved though. I could personally attest that they've worked so hard.
VIXX is one of those groups I'm kinda friends with. It's hard to say since they're "celebrities" and I'm just a nobody. I've known them ever since their trainee days not because I'm a stalker/ sasaeng fan or something (haha) but because some members were Brian Joo's back up dancers before. Leo, Ravi and N to be exact. I was already working in one of Brian's shows at that time. Back then I got to talked to them backstage. Ravi told me they'll be debuting know this and that... and the next thing I know they were having this myDOL reality show-ish on Mnet. I remember the teaser of the show was very popular HERE see it for yourself. 
Back then, even when they were doing the backup dancer gig, Leo was already popular to the girls like even when Brian was performing the young girls would scream for Leo (haha..uhm). Anyway so yeah many things happened...We've met several times backstage on many many shows. I've became closer to Ken and Hongbin since they've always been really kind and always the first one to approach me and greet and say what's up or anything. FYI Ken's brother also sings really really good according to him, Ken. (But I guess all Starlights out there already know).
I've also interviewed them before (HERE) days before N's birthday. (Forgive me it was one of my first interviews so editing sucks big time ㅠㅠ).
Anyway so yeah... I'll tell more stories next time haha... for the meantime enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A-PRINCE paparazzi photos

I was in the Hongdae covering a K-Pop related event when A-Prince member Seungjun phoned me saying they're also in the area having a photoshoot for a magazine. So I went looking for the place. As expected A-Prince members were "shining brightly" in the streets of Hongdae. kkkk Like if you also happen to be in the area you'd probably make a stop and also take pictures. Since I had my camera with me, I've decided to take some shots and it came out like paparazzi photos because these were taken from a relatively far distance to be discreet.
The rest were fine with smoky make up I guess except for Siyoon. Siyoon's smoky make up was a bit too much... that it made him look like someone else.... Just sayin kkk 
Seungjun was still blonde that time.
They told me the name of the magazine is Hallyu Magazine, a US based magazine about Korean entertainment and culture. A-Prince fans out there should grab their own copies because A-PRINCE is the main cover! Check the online version HERE. You can purchase your own copy online HERE 

C-Clown on After School Club (May 8th)

The six boys of C-CLOWN were special guests on Arirang TV's After School Club last May 08. If you haven't seen the episode you can check the Video on Demand section of After School Club's website. You might as well check the other episodes too.
I am close friends with C-CLOWN members especially Barom. Every time we see each other backstage in music shows or events it's like meeting old friends. hehe. Barom is probably one of the nicest idols out there. I know some diva idols and Barom is the total opposite. He's very down to earth. He is also very motivated and really a passionate person. He told me to tell international fans that he's reading all your mentions, messages so just keep it comin!
I have talked to everyone in the group already several times and based on that I could probably give some insights on their character. TK is surprisingly fun to talk to. At the start he would tend to be really quite and shy but when he gets to know you he'd say a lot. He even utters lots of English words with good pronunciation. hehe Ray on the other hand is very bubbly. Every time I take a photo of him he'd give suggestions on how he want it to appear. Like he'd say can you make this one cute? The last time he told me to take a "sophisticated man type of photo" of him. So I was'd I do that? lol
The youngest member Maru was carrying an English book with him the last time we meet so I was testing his English. He said he'd study more and next time he'll talk to me in English. Siwoo is a little bit quite in front of people but not when he's with the other members. Kangjun I'd say is also very bubbly who appears to joke a lot too.
These six members are really close to each other like a family. So to all CROWNs out there continue to support them. During this episode of After School Club, Siwoo said he wants to ride on a plane. He said they haven't been outside of Korea.
Well it's a shame because I know the group has many international fans. Hopefully, they'll be able to travel soon. In case you wanna invite them, you can shoot me an e-mail and I'll try my best to connect you with them (if you're a promoter).

After School Club airs live every Wednesday on Arirang TV at 5pm. You can chat with your favorite Korean stars/ idols so the format is really unique. It's all in English to especially cater to international fans!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Interesting Korean diet commercial

If you are living in Korea or familiar with their "culture" the TV ads I'll be showing here will be very interesting to you. Now that Spring is almost finished, more and more young men and women are hitting the gyms. FYI just like convenience stores you'll find fitness clubs in almost every corner in Seoul.

Part 1

So this TV ad has two characters. The Girl and her Fat. Part 1 doesn't need an explanation I guess. It's very universal. Like you can consider yourself thin but because of that fat you're carrying with you, the original sexy/thin you won't or can't show up. As a media student, I think the idea is very brilliant! 

Part 2

Second part now comes with some Korean-ish yet a bit universal concept for people who are having a hard time to diet. The first scene shows the Girl trying to go out for a run but Fat says let's do it tomorrow. haha so she ended up not exercising. Then the second scene was at a coffee shop. FYI Korea is known to be a coffee shop republic (not coffee republic but shop). You can watch this video Coffee Culture in Korea I made months ago for fun. hehe So going back, the girl was gonna order her drinks and Fat said "caramel macchiato" so the Girl said it. The counter ask her for the size, Fat said "large large" yeah the Girl ended up getting large caramel macchiato. LOL. After that, the next scene shows the Girl being stressed from working up late...Then Fat says eat "sweets sweets.." so there she ended up eating chocolates.

The scenes and idea are very simple but this TV ad definitely makes everyone smile. Aside from TV, this is being shown in many public places too like movie theaters and subway stations. Most of the time girls would stop and watch it and say "OMG that's really me!" or "That's exactly what I do" kinds of lines.

Heo Young Saeng and MIB on ASC

ASC's MCs Hanbyul and Eric Nam and the special guests

Arirang TV's very own idol variety real-time show After School Club's (ASC) second guests were SS501's Heo Young Saeng and rap group MIB. I wasn't really able to stay during the whole recording so I will just show you some pics I took when I was at the studio.

ASC's special guests Heo Young Saeng and MIB
MIB (5Zic, Sims, Cream, Kangnam)
 MCs Led Apple's Hanbyul and Eric Nam

MIB or Most Incredible Busters is famous for having good music (yep personal favorite). During the show SIMS was asked how he feels being the maknae (youngest) in the group but at the same time because of his mature appearance people usually think of him as the oldest. When that was asked I thought maybe he'd received such question a million times already. LOL I've encountered MIB many times. I even interviewed them for like 10 minutes before haha. The first one was during their debut. Originally I didn't have a good impression of the group because of their angry looking manager at that time. But now, they've changed a lot. They're very friendly and I don't see that angry looking manager anymore, although there is one more now but he's kinda ok. haha. When Kangnam saw me the other day he was like "We've met before right?" in Japanese. So I said, yeah a couple of times. I actually interviewed you before. So he was "Oh hahaha"

Heo Young Saeng's like...Why am I doing this? kkk
Now, every time we meet at the hallway in any music shows or events we act like we know each other. Haha. They're very nice. So far I've only talked to Kangnam. I usually call him by the name Takuya, not because it's his real name (no idea what's his real name though) because he looks like Takuya the famous Japanese singer and actor. I've also met Heo Young Saeng many times already but wasn't really able to talk to him. But I have a good impression of him because of the last picture (see above). I told him to hold his CD and I will take a pic and he said sure! hold the his signed CD, smiled and posed. Then we shook hands and he even tapped my back. Like cool fwends! kk

For more details about After School Club go and check their official accounts here : FacebookTwitterWebsite. The good thing about this show is international fans can participate. Check the website for the instructions. You can also watch the previous episodes on the VOD list.